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Make fail icon more distinct

Make fail icon more distinct

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    Posted 14 Jun 2015

    I'm red-green color blind (not actually color blind, more like color deficient)

    The red failure icons don't stand out from the green pass icons in Test Results and Code coverage.

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      Posted 18 Jun 2015

      Hi logan.moore,

      Thanks for sharing your vision with us. We'll try to think how we can improve this situation (either changing icons in general or adding some pre-configured mode with different icons) and I'll let you know once we have any ideas and plans regarding this.

      In the meantime can you please advise what changes in failure icon will help?



      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
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        Posted 20 Jul 2015

        The pastel red color currently blends with the green. They're not identical, but neither color pops for me at a glance. I'm finding the colors of the Passed and Failed text in the Status column much easier to distinguish so I've working of that primarily.

        Maybe switch up the shapes as well. All the symbols are hexagons currently. Perhaps a circle for passed, a hexagon for failed and a triangle for warnings.

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