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Metadata items

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    Posted 04 Jan 2018 and edited 04 Jan 2018

    Hi TWS,

    Default TWS shows project items metadata, which I personally would like to have disabled by default - only rare occations I need to see the metadata file. Right now I just switch off this feature by going to Tools -> Options -> Projects -> Presentation and then check "Hide project items metadata".

    However once in a while I need to see the metadata file for a certain item and right now to see it in TWS editor you would need to go back to Tools -> Options -> Proj.... uncheck the "Hide project items metadat", which requires a lot of clicks.

    My suggestion to this could be:

    1. "Hide project items metadata" is checked by default
    2. When right-clicking on a certain file that actually has a "hidden" metadata file the right-click-menu shows "View Metadata" just right beneath the "View Code" menu item. When clicking on the "View Metadata" menu item it opens the corresponding metadata file.

    Hope this will be implemented in the future :)

    Best regards

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      Posted 04 Jan 2018

      Hi hpt,

      Thank you for sharing with us this idea!

      Regarding the 'View Metadata' option in the context menu - this sounds absolutely correct and time-saving. I'll definitely add this to our backlog and, while looking as not the "most complex" change for us we'll try to implement it in the nearest future.

      However, regarding the default option for the 'Hide project items metadata' we'll try to think over it once more, but I believe that we'll leave it as is, to be honest. While the actions to disable this behavior are needed only once and won't take more than couple minutes - I believe that it's better to leave them visible by default, so those who'll urgently need them won't spend their time for understanding if the IDE supports them :) At the same time - we'd be happy to make the option accessible in a shorter way, so we'll keep investigating our options to add it to the Solution Explorer's toolbar (it is a very "core" part of the Visual Studio Isolated Shell with very limited customizations capabilities).

      Please feel free to let us know about any other ideas, suggestions or comments about the IDE or how to make it (or your development tasks) easier.

      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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