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Missing Metadata Subscribe Options

Missing Metadata Subscribe Options

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    Posted 06 Apr 2017

    Hi, I'm trialing The Welkin Suite and I notice that I can't subscribe to all metadata types like I can in other IDEs like MavensMate and IDE. As others have commented, this makes it really hard to have one project folder with all desired metadata that you want to sync in source control and/or deploy to another org.

    For example, I often create CustomApplication metadata for my new tabs, but I don't see how I can retrieve that metadata in TWS. I would expect with any IDE that I can retrieve all possible metadata types, even if there is no fancy tooling for it within the IDE itself.

    Could you please share why not all metadata types are supported? Is there a published timeline of when they will be added?


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      Posted 07 Apr 2017

      Hi Doug,


      Thank you for your question. You are partially right regarding the reason why not all metadatas are supported - we don't want to include them into the project without providing any additional value for that metadata files. However, we are thinking how to resolve this in the best way.

      As for now I suggest using a simple Ant script, which you can call directly from TWS using external tools option. I've shared some more details on this situation in one of the post on forum -


      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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