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New item creation in the background

New item creation in the background

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    Posted 01 Mar 2017

    When I go to create a new folder or new class in TWS it would be nice if I did not have to sit through a dialog that lasts long enough for me to find the new feature request screen, then submit a new feature request.  If I click create new class please move that work off to the background and give me a new file that I can start working in.  I am not sure there is a need to make me wait to create an empty file out in Salesforce as I will be syncing that in the very near future when I build.

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      Posted 01 Mar 2017

      Hi Grant,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

      The Welkin Suite sends a newly created file to Salesforce during the creation process itself due to the several reasons:

          1. first of all, this is done for getting the '*-meta.xml' file associated with the newly created class, page, trigger, etc.; this file contains the version of Salesforce API that your Organization has and general metadata about the file; TWS requires and gets this information when after sending the file to the server;

           2. also, we check if there are no files on your Organization with the same name; this is done at this step to avoid issues in further building/deploying files;

           3. as for the build process, it updates files with your local changes, if there won't be the created previously file, the IDE won't get the file that should be updated; the creating and building processes are different transactions to Salesforce from TWS.

      In a frame of this, TWS sync newly created files with your Salesforce Organization immediately.

      We will consider how the time of this process can be decreased.



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