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OSX: Debug panels should automatically be show when in debug mode

OSX: Debug panels should automatically be show when in debug mode

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    Posted 12 Oct 2016

    Currently the debug panels (3 of them) are toggled manually by the user... This doesn't really make any sense as there is no need to see them when not debugging. However, if I exited out of them, I have to manually re-add them when I start debugging. This requires a minimual of 6 clicks (which is 6 too many).

    When in debug mode, these windows should be shown by default.

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      Posted 12 Oct 2016

      Hi cjonas,

      The way how panels should work is exactly how they are implemented in The Welkin Suite for Mac right now.

      In general there is 2 different "views" - normal, for usual work; and debug, for debugging. You can enable debug-related panels (Breakpoints, Locals and Call Stack) for the normal view as well as for the debug view separately. In case if you will close any of the debug-related panels in the normal view - this won't affect their state in the debug view.

      In case if you are missing any of this panels in the debug view - please enable them via main menu -> View -> Debug Windows while you are debugging and this settings would be applied for all further debug sessions as well.

      In case if this functionality works in a different way for you please let me know and provide some additional information (steps that you have done) if possible.

      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
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