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Provide Org to Org Metadata Comparison

Provide Org to Org Metadata Comparison

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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 09 Apr 2021 and edited 09 Apr 2021

    I would like to be able to log in to two separate Sandboxes and do a comparison and deploy based on selected changes.  This could potentially replace change sets in the lower environments.

    Ex:  I make changes in Welkin and via the UI in my developer sandbox.  I'd like to promote those changes to QA.  By having a comparison I know exactly what's available to either deploy directly, or at least get the diffs to be able to properly set up a change set - autogenerate a change set or unlocked package based on selection would be even better if at all possible.

    For an example, please take a look at the SSDT database schema comparison tool in Visual Studio.  It gives the options to deploy diffs directly, generate a script, or generate a DACPAC (package).

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      Posted 09 Apr 2021

      Well a fellow user just informed me that they found this already in the docs -

      Perhaps this needs to be demonstrated a bit better, but looks promising.

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