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Refactoring Tools (as per Visual Studio support for C#, C++, etc.)

Refactoring Tools (as per Visual Studio support for C#, C++, etc.)

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    Posted 13 Oct 2017

    The refactoring tool is one of my favorite offerings of Visual Studio, and I love that TWS uses its shell.  How difficult would it be to offer Refactoring support for Apex, similar to this VS feature:

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      Posted 17 Oct 2017

      Hi Brent,


      Thank you for your request - we are just discussing the similar functionality in a nearby topic.

      So looks like you and Donnie make these days a days of "Code Assistance" for us :)

      We've built a great foundation for refactoring options in the latest code completion updates for Apex, and later switched to the Lightning and Visualforce. Now we're getting back to Apex and refactoring and related stuff are one of our priorities.

      As answered in the mentioned topic we consider 'Rename' and 'Implement Interface' options as our main priorities for similar-to-Visual-Studio refactoring options.What's after them - not sure yet, so if you have some example of the particular refactoring features that you'd like to get first please share them with us, so we can add them (or reprioritize, if possible) to our backlog.


      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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