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Save saves to dev sandbox / org

Save saves to dev sandbox / org

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    Posted 28 May 2015

    The other thing I've noticed, unlike the IDE it doesn't deploy to the dev org/sandbox on-save, would be cool if it did. A good coder should know, but I don't know until I have to always re-enter my sandbox / org details if my code's going to work.

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      Posted 03 Jun 2015

      Hi mjmartin,

      Thanks for sharing your vision with us!

      We have this feature in our backlog, but it's not the top priority at the moment due to a reasons below:

      • Building changes on org are not so fast as all of us would like to (e.g. it takes 2-10 seconds for one file)
      • While changes are sent to org and processed by it we should lock the file from any changes in order to reduce possible situations when developer will change code in the file and the error returned from Salesforce won't be relevant anymore
      • We also would like to reduce number of API requests made to Salesforce from IDE, so users won't hit API limit usage (which is common issue for shared environments)

      As a workaround option for the moment you can just hit F5 instead of saving file - it'll save all changes and build them immediately.

      In our turn we'll review priority of this feature in the next couple releases.



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