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Sort files in Solution Explorer by most recently modified

Sort files in Solution Explorer by most recently modified

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    Posted 29 Aug 2017

    I think the option to display files in the solution explorer in order of most recently modifed would be useful. I tend to work on the same group of files for a period of time and it's a bit annoying to have to dig them out all the time.

    An alternative would be to allow the user to define something like a 'Solution Set' - a collapsible section in the Solution Explorer to put specific files.

    As an illustration:

    I might define a Section within the Solution Explorer called 'Opportunity', which would contain the following files:



    <<various SOQL files>>

    <<various Anon Apex files>>


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      Posted 30 Aug 2017

      Hi Shaun,

      Thank you for your suggestion.

      We agree that this option would be useful and would make a working process with files more convenient. We have this in our plans and our developers will work on this in one of the future versions on The Welkin Suite IDE.

      Currently, you can create and use custom folders for a set of the most used files or the search field in the Solution Explorer.



      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

      twitter: @KateDulko
      skype id: d_katerina



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