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[Implemented] Unable to download the custom label metadata

Unable to download the custom label metadata

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    Posted 17 Aug 2015

    Currently i found no options to download the custom label metadata. I generally create custom labels using the metadata.

    Is it hidden somewhere or is it not currently supported?


    Best regards,

    Vanessen Munisamy

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      Posted 09 Sep 2015

      Hi Vanessen,

      I'll just duplicate what I've posted in other topic - we aim to release this functionality tomorrow, however further improvements like custom labels in Code Completion / Code Assistance will be done at some point in the future.

      Please sorry for this delay with response.



      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich



        Posted 23 Mar 2017

        Hi Vanessen,

        We implemented support for the Custom Labels metadata in the Beta 0.22.11 version of The welkin Suite.

        I'll close the current topic as 'Implemented'.

        If you have any other suggestion, please feel free to contact us.



        Kate Dulko
        Customer Relations

        The Welkin Suite

        twitter: @KateDulko
        skype id: d_katerina



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