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General Development Question

General Development Question

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    Posted 19 Nov 2015


    I have General development Questions as follows :-

    1. Need to change look at feel of the apex code like Notepad++ because this is most effective editor which is easy to use and can see huge code very easily.

    2. When you save class/trigger is it saving to Server ? there is any progress bar i can see ?

    3. where is the functionality "Refresh from server" ?

    3.Can i see debug logs for any apex code development ? like I set debug log for myself or someone else can i get those logs in this tool and is there any easy way to apply filter for these debug logs like it exist for Console ?

    4. Is it showing lines of Test coverage for particular class/trigger in colors like blue and Red which it shows for salesforce ?

    Please add more user manual for this tool. Even if it is small thing like Ctrl + S for Saving file, still it should exist in user manual.

    Is there any price involved here. I don't see any pricing on website.

    Good luck, you are close to great development tool.



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      Posted 20 Nov 2015

      I might not be one of the developers, but I have been a long time user of Welkin suite. I can answer some of your questions:

      1. Welkin suite has several Theme's you can choose from. I myself like the Dark theme the most but you can swap between 3 versions. I dont really agree it should look like Notepad++. Welkin suite is based on Visual Studio which is a very good IDE in my opinion and has a some great code syntaxing.
      2. Welkin works differently then Eclipse does. Where eclipse saves the file to the server everytime you press save of ctrl-s the welkin suite saves up all the changes untill you press Build. It then builds and processes all the files at the same time. There is a detailed build log in the Console that shows you the progress of the current build.
      3. Refresh from server is in almost the exact same spot. Right click on a file, folder or project and select Pull from Salesforce. It will then retrieve the files and check them for any conflicts. You can resolve or overwrite them.
      4. Debug logs are easily found in the Logs window. You can open almost any window by using the VIEW menu (as in any Windows based program). You can search and filer them by Debug messages only.
      5. Yes, although it is Green & Red. It also shows the % for every class if you desire it so. EqX3Wpy.png

      A lot of this stuff is explained on the Blog btw, where they finely detail all the features.

      Now the only thing I cannot answer for you is the pricing. I hope The Welkin Suite stays free, but it is such a great tool that I feel they deserve to sell it as well and I has improved my workflow so much that I wouldnt mind buying the tool regardless.



        Posted 20 Nov 2015

        Hi guys.

        Yogesh, thank you that you questions and interest.
        Ron, thank you for such detailed and nice answer. We are grateful to you very much for your posts.

        In the previous post everything is correct, and I just want to add several things:

        • we are sorry and understand  that our Documentation section should be better, we are working on this; the information that is present there will be updated and expanded; however if you have any questions feel free to ask - we will be glad to answer;

        • you can find the description of our features in the Features (<- link) section on our site; additionally a lot of information we present in our Blog (<- link) when release features, improvements, and fixes;

        • you can use Tools -> Options -> Keyboard  to see meaning of the hotkeys in using of TWS or tune your custom ones;

        • the Code Coverage can be enabled in your code, here is the way how you can do this: Main Menu -> Views -> Code coverage, the ‘Code coverage’ panel will appear; click ‘Refresh’ after tests were run and enable ‘Show coloring’ in the same panel.

        The last your question was about the pricing of the IDE - The Welkin Suite is free and existing functionality will remain free after release.

        Thank you both of you for the warm words. This inspires us to make TWS more useful and better )



        Kate Dulko
        Customer Relations

        The Welkin Suite

        twitter: @KateDulko
        skype id: d_katerina



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