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How to make same items to highlight when I hightlight one

How to make same items to highlight when I hightlight one

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mac version welkinsuite


    Posted 22 Nov 2017

    In other IDEs, when I double click on a variable, or instance or whatever that is repeated in the code, not only the word I double click hightlights, but also the same word that repeats on the class. It is usefull to see where it is used without having to do command+f and paste the name to search for it. Just hightlight (with double click) the element you want to track through the code and the same element highlights around the whole file.

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      Posted 23 Nov 2017


      Thank you for your feature request and for your interest in The Welkin Suite.

      I've added this to our development backlog and we will work on this.

      Since we've already have implemented a great background for further development in the latest code assistance updates for Apex, and later switched to the Lightning and Visualforce. Now we're getting back to Apex and refactoring and related stuff are one of our priorities.

      If you would have any other questions or suggestions, please let us know. we will be happy to assist.



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