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Is there a way to download existing DX project from Git into TWS?

Is there a way to download existing DX project from Git into TWS?

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    Posted 26 Jul 2019 and edited 29 Jul 2019

    We've a source github repository that contains our app code. Our intention is not to store any files related to The Welkin Suite, it is to be formed keeping in mind that it would support development from VS Code and TWS both. We initially created this repo from VS Code Salesforce Extension.

    But I can't seem to find an option to create a DX project in TWS from my repository in github. Can you help and guide me in right direction?

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      Posted 29 Jul 2019

      Hello Varun.

      Thank you for your post. 
      Right now, we don't have the ability to create the SFDX project from the existing repo. However we are considering some changes to the SFDX creation process, so it is likely that this functionality will appear in the future.
      But we have some solution for your case: you could create the SFDX project and paste all the metadata present in the force-app folder, or move the .dxproj file to the existing git repo directory.
      Then open this project file.
      I hope this would help.
      If you have any questions, please let me know!

      TWS Team

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