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Is there any way i could create a project with package.xml only referencing a Package directly from namespaced org?

Is there any way i could create a project with package.xml only referencing a Package directly from namespaced org?

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    Posted 25 Jun 2019 and edited 02 Jul 2019

    In Eclipse, we could create a Project with xml such that it does not reference individually selected Metadata Components, instead it would include a package and it will retrieve all the component included in that package instead or developer going through various components and selecting them.

    Official documentation here says something about that: source link


    To retrieve a package, set the name of the package in the packageNames field in RetrieveRequest when you call retrieve(). The package.xml manifest file is automatically populated in the retrieved .zip file. The <fullName> element in package.xml contains the name of the retrieved package."


    I have an organization (namespaced with a package in it). I would here like to create a project so that it automatically retrieve metadata from package itself which is referenced in it automatically, as it could have lots of components and considering all classes or components in the organization does not actually related to package since they are not included, I would like to exclude them.


    How can this be done with TWS?


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      Posted 25 Jun 2019

      It seems the IDE does support but I don't see that option when i create or Edit Project metadata components.

      Blog release with Package Support and Online Documentation

      Can anyone please guide me how this Referenced Package metadata option becomes visible?



        Posted 28 Jun 2019

        Ping! Can someone please respond here, things are stuck at my end for this project creation, I need to only download clean code that is actually part of the managed package I'm building instead of all unnecessary components that are not part of the application.



          Posted 01 Jul 2019

           Hello Varun.

          Thank you so much for your post and sorry for the delayed response. 

          Currently, you could download Referenced Package metadata via TWS. If you have already had a TWS project - you are able to select what managed packages should be included in the project.

          1) Open "Project metadata components" window.

          2) Expand the list with the necessary metadata type.

          3) Choose the necessary managed package.

          4) Make full pull from salesforce.

          But anyway, our development team is still investigating your case. 

          We will discuss your suggestion about this.
          If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact us. Your comments and ideas are really useful to us. We will be happy to hear them.



          TWS Team



            Posted 01 Jul 2019

            Hi Ihor,
            Currently that is not the case. I've an existing Project and when I try to edit "Project metadata components", I get a complete list of Metadata "except" Managed Packages or Unmanaged Packages in the org connected to the project. 
            if at all, there is only 1 entry in that window and it is "Installed Packages" in the org, which is not the intention here. I was looking for a way to download Metadata Components from the Org by simply including a Managed Package being developed in the org.




              Posted 02 Jul 2019

              Hello Varun.

              Thanks for your explanation.

              Unfortunately, we don't have an ability to retrieve metadata from the package itself which is referenced in it automatically. You could download all metadata from the organization or you have an ability to choose the necessary files before downloading.

              We have added this feature request - this looks interesting. 

              I've added an appropriate ticket so that our team could consider what we can do for this.

              I'm not sure that we will have an ability to work on this request the nearest months, however, I'll keep you updated on our progress if we start to work on this.


              TWS Team.

              TWS Team

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