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Is TWS ended?

Is TWS ended?

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    Posted 04 Nov 2021 and edited 10 Nov 2021

    Seems like it's been stalled for a while and it looks like spammers are starting to visit the forums.. 

    Are there any plans for more updates to TWS?

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      Posted 10 Nov 2021

      Hi Dave, I'm a TWS user, back into beta.  Not affiliated with them. But I wanted to let you know someone did hear you :-)

      I've been wondering the same thing about the future of TWS.  I assume that when even Ihor is not answering bug reports, that no one is monitoring any longer.

      There were statements over the last two year in replies about things being on a "roadmap" to be completed down the road that are still not in the app.

      The only changes to the app in the last year occurred when Salesforce changed their logging which broke the Welkin logging/code coverage/debugging.

      Guessing the developers are contracting themselves out for Salesforce work, and are not actively developing TWS any longer



        Posted 10 Nov 2021

        Thanks :). Also a beta user here. Almost right after posting that message above, I got the yearly bill for TWS so I guess something's still active back there. :\

        The total lack of updates/fixes is pretty disapointing and I guess it's time to finally move to VSCode. I use that already for other things and am not super thrilled about having to use it for Salesforce. It's not horrible but TWS is still a lot better on some things.

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