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My take on the 1.0 release

My take on the 1.0 release

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    Posted 06 Sep 2016

    Hi, everyone!

    I love the IDE and I can see the progress that it is made from release to release. You have fixed every issue I reported and that you have always been very responsive with features suggestions.

    But I don't think it is ready for a 1.0 version. Autocomplete is not there yet and there are many usability issues to consider this a complete product.

    I have been using it for many months and I know how far it came, but all the issues may be a deal breaker for new users who purchase the 1.0 version.

    With that being said, I will buy the release from the first day because I want to support you guys on making the best IDE possible, not because I think I am buying a finished product.

    Juan M.

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      Posted 07 Sep 2016

      Hi Juan

      Thank you for your honest and well-grounded opinion. Here at The Welkin Suite we value it greatly. Moreover, you may not even be surprised if I told you I completely agree with you.

      I will tell you even more - to regard TWS as a completely finished product, personally, I would like to see a far more rich spectrum of features and more polished functionality. At the very least, I would like The Welkin Suite IDE to have the final (and not beta) version for Mac and Linux, static analysis of the source code, integration with all of the most commonly used source code repositories, integration with the project management systems and Continuous Integration services, intelligent deploy system, let alone the multitude of features the administrators need to speed up their work process and minimize the number of errors. The list goes on, and we can spend endless hours discussing the functionality The Welkin Suite IDE needs. Furthermore, let us not forget about the new possibilities of Salesforce, which have already been announced, and which are no more than a few steps from being implemented: artifacts, IoT Cloud, new Wave and Lightning possibilities, and many more. It stands to reason that The Welkin Suite should keep up with these updates as well.

      Nonetheless, the reality is that to keep up with the advancement, we need resources. For two years our team tried to do our best (having released 47 updates to TWS in less than two years) to make your work with Salesforce more comfortable, fast and intelligent. However, to continue with the improvements of our IDE, we need your help. That is why we are making The Welkin Suite IDE a paid product.

      Wrapping up, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the release of the production version will feature an update to the auto-completion and usability. These updates will not be final, but I would like to emphasize that we are tuned to the needs of the Salesforce developer community, and that as always, we know what is important for our users, and go to great lengths to solve any type of problems.

      I hope for your understanding.

      Kindest regards,

      Rustam Nurgudin

      CEO of The Welkin Suite



        Posted 07 Sep 2016

        Thanks, Rustam, for you words!

        I look forward to support you!


        Juan M.



          Posted 10 Sep 2016

          I downloaded the suite today, after working with IDE (Eclipse) and the Salesforce online editors (the online editor is pretty good but lacking source control), I was EXCITED to find a Visual Studio IDE for Salesforce!  Looks like I came onboard to Salesforce development at a great time - the release of the Welkin Suite.

          Your product had me sold at being able to step through my unit test in an environment I feel comfortable in.  It will be so good to focus on the application and not command line processes and foreign environments that the Eclipse route takes you (Visual Studio has us spoiled).  

          I'll be glad to pay your subscription rate and to be part of a client base that will ensure your survivability (mutually beneficial).

          Although I am now a seasoned veteran paying for server subscriptions, online book subscriptions, and for numerous software tools (soon to include yours); I haven't forgotten the old days and I think it is great you are making the beta available for free - starting developers need a break.   It was only because Microsoft supported new startups with access to their MSDN subscription that I was able to master their software and later come to a point where I could afford to pay their subscription rates. 

          I'll be blogging my adventures with Salesforce and your product - looking forward to the success and growth of your company!!



            Posted 12 Sep 2016

            Hi Bill,

            Thank you for sharing with us your opinion related to the release of the v. 1.0 of The Welkin Suite.

            We appreciate your feedback about the IDE greatly, and this is very important for us that we can make your working process more convenient and holistic. Also, you feedback can help us set the vector for the development of our IDE in the future.

            Thank you for being a valued user of The Welkin Suite IDE!

            All our team is waiting to your blog related to your experience with The Welkin Suite. This will help us to understand the user's practices and requirements.

            Kindest Regards,


            Kate Dulko
            Customer Relations

            The Welkin Suite

            twitter: @KateDulko
            skype id: d_katerina



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