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"No Action" The Component is not present locally

"No Action" The Component is not present locally

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mac version welkinsuite

    Posted 12 Mar 2018 and edited 13 Mar 2018

    What casues certain files to be undeployable? I have several custom reports that need to be migrated from one org to another, and many worked fine, but there are a few that I do not have the option to deploy. In the deploy to another organization screen they show as having no action and the reason given is "The Component is not present locally". The one thing I have noticed is that the path directory for the project seems to be being created incorrectly. The program is looking for a path location of /Projects/ProjectName/reports/reportname, but the actual structure is /Projects/ProjectName/src/reports/reportname. Maybe those 2 things are unrelated. Any help is appreciated.

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      Posted 13 Mar 2018

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thank you for sharing this issue with us.

      May I please clarify with you some additional details so that we could find a reason for the issue? 

      Here are my questions:

           1. Can you see these custom reports in the Solution Explorer in your TWS project?

           2. If yes, can you open them?

           3. If you can open a file in the code editor, I kindly ask you to right click on it in the Solution Explorer, select its Properties, and check the Full path value.

      Also, can you please share with us a way how you detected that the IDE is looking for a path location of /Projects/ProjectName/reports/reportname? :) By default, TWS checks the 'src' folder to find if files are present locally.

      In addition, we would greatly appreciate if you could send us a bug report directly from the IDE after reproducing the issue - you can find this functionality in the menu Help -> Report a Bug, please put your email and enable the 'Attach log File' checkbox. This way we will receive your TWS log files.

      Looking forward to your response.

      Thank you,


      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

      twitter: @KateDulko
      skype id: d_katerina



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