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Profile doesn't have Object info

Profile doesn't have Object info

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    Posted 16 Oct 2017

    I'm trying to get object info for some profiles and even though I'm pulling the object and profiles in the same request, the Profiles are still just "shells" w/no object info. Bloom R10

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      Posted 17 Oct 2017

      Hi sturev,

      Thank you for this question. Profiles are never an easy case :)

      We know that for now the general interactions with profiles metadata in the IDE does not allow reliable work on them. This is caused by the strange specific of profiles in conjunction with the optimizations used in the IDE.

      In your case you are don't get anything meaningful in profles even when pulling them together with objects is because the IDE checks a modification date for objects (and hash sum for some other types of files) prior to downloading them. If you have the same version of object in your project and on your organization, the IDE won't add objects to a 'retrieve' request to Salesforce, thus profiles won't have the information about your objects.

      A 'workaround' to get objects info into profiles might look like this: exclude all obejcts from the project using the 'Project metadata components', return back to the 'Project metadata components' and 'subscribe' to objects, perform a pull - this might bring objects data to the profiles, however it also depends on how Salesforce will handle modification date&time for profiles.

      So, being honest with you - we do not have a clear decision on how to deal with profiles in a right way. To include everything to a 'retrieve' requests when there are Profiles in the project is too much overhead always, for a very rare benefit of using profiles in the IDE. Any other more complex solution would still result in a lot of additional requests and checks during pull&build, thus making each of them at least couple seconds slower (+ consuming 2-3 times more API requests), and, of course, this will require a lot of effort from the development point to make this happen. As we can see, even for SalesforceDX, profiles are still tricky and not always clear.

      While there is not so much helpful insights on what to do with profiles I hope this information and explanation of the current state will help you.

      Best regards,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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