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Similar text highlight and syntax help.

Similar text highlight and syntax help.

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    Posted 08 Jun 2016


    Similar text highlight : when I click any text then similar text is highlighted immediately. I don't want this feature work on single click and only work on double click of any word. How to achieve this ?

    syntax help : Class library is available while typing. I don't want to this to be available by default because this slow down speed while working. Let me know how to deactivate this feature.

    Performance of IDE :-

    Is there any way to improve the overall performance of the IDE by allocating more memory or by making some tuneups ?



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      Posted 09 Jun 2016

      Hi Yogesh,

      Thank you for your questions.

      I'll answer them step by step:

           1) Similar text highlight: currently, this option is by default and there no ability to change it; we will discuss possibilities to implement this.

           2) Syntax help: may I please clarify with you if you mean the Code map in the right or Code Completion list as a Class library?

      If this is Code Map, you can disable it in the Main Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> Code Assistance, there you can find the setting 'Show Code Map'. You can disable it.

      If you mean the Code Completion list, this is available in the same menu in the 'Code Completion' section. You should disable the 'Show Code Completion when typing' option.

           3) Performance of the IDE: our team is working on the improving performance of TWS; if you have an ability to allocate the local memory, this will affect the work of the IDE.

      If you have more questions or suggestion, please write us. we will glad to hear them.



      Kate Dulko
      Customer Relations

      The Welkin Suite

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