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Static resource without using resource bundles

Static resource without using resource bundles

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mac version welkinsuite


    Posted 29 Jul 2018 and edited 17 Aug 2018

    When adding a single JS file in the static resource, I believe it still goes as resource bundles.

    We have a lot of JS in the static resource and would like to use it as is without resource bundles like we do in Mavensmate.

    Is there a way to avoid resource-bundles? We are not in a position to change the way we reference the JS as its spread across many VF pages & VF components.

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      Posted 17 Aug 2018

      Hi Bergin,

      Thank you for your post and please sorry for the delay in my response!

      When you add a single file to static resources in the Static resource Bundles Explorer, this file appears in your TWS project as a file and not as a bundle.

      There can appear a bundle of static resource when you add several single files at the same time.

      If this works for you another way, please send us more detailed steps and/or screenshot for this issue.

      Thank you,


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