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Temporary Files in Project

Temporary Files in Project

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    Posted 18 Feb 2019 and edited 01 Mar 2019

    I have been using TWS for a couple days for Apex class development work.  My project has version control enabled with a GIT repository.  

    When I review files that that need to be added or edited in the repository I am seeing a large number of what seem to be temporary files.

    I cannot add them to the ignore file since they seem to be randomly named.  Its not clear what they are used for, possibly local file history?

    Regardless, is it possible to have these files are stored in a specific "temp" folder or cache folder, which can then be added to the GIT ingore list?

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      Posted 01 Mar 2019

      Hi Jon,

      Thank you for your post and please sorry for the delay in our response.

      These random files are created by internal processes from the Visual Studio IsoShell for temporary file saving.

      You can delete them and continue your working process.



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