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Use spaces for tabs

Use spaces for tabs

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    Posted 03 May 2016 and edited 16 Jul 2019


    Is there an option to use spaces instead of tabs?  I've looked and do not see it.  Also, is there a way to convert all existing tabs to spaces?


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      Posted 04 May 2016


      Thank you for your question.

      There are the settings for the Tab option in the Main menu -> Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> All Langueages -> Tabs. In the 'Tab' section, please select 'Insert spaces'.

      To convert all existing tabs to spaces you can find the next option in the Main Menu -> Edit -> Advanced -> Untabify Selected Lines. This option is available when any file is opened in the Editor. It works for the selected line where your cursor is present.

      If you have more question - feel free to ask us. We will be glad to answer them.



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        Posted 16 Jul 2019

        Is there an option to convert spaces to tabs on Mac?

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