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Using custom Salesforce project structure to improve productivity.

Using custom Salesforce project structure to improve your productivity

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    Posted 06 Apr 2015

    Dedicated topic to discuss Using custom Salesforce project structure to improve productivity article.


    Share your opinion, let us know if you like this article and if something should be corrected.

    Vladimir Gubanovich
    Head of Product
    The Welkin Suite
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      Posted 24 Oct 2015

      I read the article and I have two suggestions regarding the project structure.  

      1. Store the credentials outside of the project file in another file that is encrypted and stored locally, link it to the project in the local file..  That way you could share the project structure file safely.
      2. I'd store the project file in Salesforce as a static resource.  It can support your structure and you could have multiple project files in a single org.  You'd have to work through a naming convention and the like but it would have limited impact to the org.

      Nice work btw on the IDE, a much needed solution.



        Posted 26 Oct 2015


        Thank you for sharing your suggestions. This is very usefull for us.

        Our future plans match with your vision.

        We have already added the issue to our backlog to exclude the credentials from the project file to make the sharing of a project absolutely secure.

        Our team is going to change the current structure of saving a project also. It will be helpful to add an ability to share projects in Salesforce or in Git with other developers along with saving the custom structure that was created in TWS.

        Thank you for your feedback about The Welkin Suite too.

        It’s pleasure to know that our work is valuable.

        Thank you,


        Kate Dulko
        Customer Relations

        The Welkin Suite

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