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Working with GitHub Best Practice?

Working with GitHub Best Practice?

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    Posted 01 Feb 2018 and edited 09 Feb 2018

    I am working in an environment where we use GitHub and Git as part of our development environment. Given that TWS does not have perfect support for the Git/Github scenario, we have adopted the structure of having our actual Soluttion directory for TWS as its own directory that is built from the sandbox it is connect to in the standard way. We then have a separate directory that is our GitHub/Git Repo.

    As we work on a branch we pull it down to our local repo and then have Ant Migration scripts to push the source controlled code and config up to the same sandbox that TWS is pointed at. We then do "Pull From Salesforce" in TWS for all metadata/code after a push from our repo into the org.  (When we want to commit, we will manuallly copy any changed files from our TWS directory bck into the Repo directory to see changes that need to be staged and commited)

    I am running into an issue where I am assuming that if I do a mass "Pull from Salesforce" that any local files for TWS that have changes NOT present in the org file that I would see a "Resolve" button to manually "merge" what is on the org (from source control if you follow the path).  I have seen however situations where what is in source control and gets pushed to the org ends up just overwriting what is in my local TWS directory without TWS detecting a need to "Resolve"....

    This is an issue as you lose code, especially if you are collaborating with another user on a shared branch where each developer is committing as they go and the other developer wants to do a pull to "get the latest" from the other developer from time to time.

    Let me know if my scenario is not clear. I'm looking for advice on if the method we are using is sound or I should be doing something differently. 



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      Posted 01 Feb 2018

      I did a little more testing here to try to give more information to help..... at this point it probably isn't connected to Github at all.... Here is the scenario I see...

      1. I have an apex class foo.cls that has been built in TWS and the same identical file is successfully deployed to SF.
      2. I then make change to foo.cls OUTSIDE of TWS and deploy foo.cls to the org by either the ant migration tool or a change set.
      3. I also make a change to foo.cls INSIDE of TWS and save but have not built yet so I have only a local change. (Think source control/other workgroup shared changes  to the same file)
      4. I then do a "Pull from Salesforce" foo.cls from the org using TWS.
      5. TWS beautifully detects that the org version and the local version don't match and it requires a "resolve" to take care of the merge in the normal fashion.
      6. Perfect!!!

      If I do the same above for a part or all of a Lightning Component Bundle, .cmp, controller, helper, etc..... #5 does not occur and you are only presented with a overwrite local file or not. Sometimes you get the "resolve" but you get the 0 changes ghost dialog to click but no diff check screen.

      This means only one developer can be making changes to a component at a time.

      Hopefully that helps. Sorry this isn't just entered as a bug but I wanted to find out if I'm maybe just tdoing something wrong.




        Posted 07 Feb 2018

        Hi Steve,

        Thank you for such a detailed description of both your flow and exact steps with all the details needed!

        You are correctly expecting TWS to handle conflicts in any types of files, and you are right that there might be an issue with Lihtning Bundles in such situation.

        We'll do our best to investigate the case asap and if possible to include the fix for it into the current sprint.

        Thank you once more!

        Best Regards,


        Vladimir Gubanovich
        Head of Product
        The Welkin Suite
        skype id: vladimir.gubanovich

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          Posted 09 Feb 2018

          This is exactly the kind of respone I thought I would get from you guys. You are awesome! I'm impressed how unlike many products, you strive to be thoughtful and solve real problems people are having. I'm a fan. Thanks Vladimir!

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