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windows version welkinsuite


    Posted 28 Feb 2018 and edited 28 Feb 2018


    I've been unable to find any documentation, so I'll ask here. 

    When I use code formatting in an APEX file (in a 'regular' project > it doesn't work in DX) it is formatting some elements in a way that I am unhappy with, like space after he new object: new List<Account> ();

    Is there a way I can change that template? And how? 

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      Posted 28 Feb 2018

      Hi Marco,

      Thank you for your post.

      This issue is known to us. We are going to work on solving such cases in one of the next iterations of improving the code assistance functionality that would be dedicated to code formatting. There are a lot of places for improvements and we will handle all of them in a frame of related changes.

      I will let you know when this will be done. Thank you one more time for the example.



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