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    Posted 11 Nov 2017


    How can I copy an item or an entier folder (clsss, page, anunymus apex, etc...) from one project to another project?


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      Posted 13 Nov 2017


      Thank you for your questions.

      Currently, you can move your files between different projects/organizations using the 'Deploy to Organization' functionality.

      You can follow the next steps for this:

           1) please create two projects in a frame of one solution in the IDE; you can make the same using one project per solution working on one and then open another one;

           2) select your "source" project in the Solution Explorer (to make it active in the IDE), and open the menu Project -> Deploy to Organization

           3) select your another project as a 'target' one;

           4) I want to draw your attention that at the next stage you will see the list of all the files from your active TWS project and target Organization, and there are different Actions for these files: for this case, the important ones are 'Add' and 'Overwrite':

                - files with the 'Add' action are present in your current project and they are absent on the remote org, and you can add them to this org;

                - files with the 'Overwrite' actions are present in the project and on the remote org - this means that there are files with the same names, and you can use the 'Deep comparison' option to get an information if there are differences in their content (the IDE doesn't show these differences, but check in addition if file are the same or no);

           5) please select the necessary files for copying and proceed the deployment process;

           6) after you finish this process, please pull the second project from Salesforce to get these files in the IDE.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions and if this works for you.

      We will consider adding an ability to add/copy local existing files from your drive to a TWS project. However, right now, I cannot tell if we will work on this or any ETA for this.



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