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Default PMD Ruleset

Default PMD Ruleset

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    Posted 01 Feb 2018 and edited 02 Feb 2018

    I have never used PMD before, but was reading about it due to the update notes today.  it says that it comes with 43 Rules... however i see no rules.  Is there something I can download to get these 43 rules that are pre-defined?

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      Posted 02 Feb 2018 and edited 02 Feb 2018

      Hi Corey10e,

      May I please clarify with you that you mean when you click on the Main Menu -> Tools -> PMD Apex Ruleset Configuration -> New -> New Empty Rulset, the tree does not appear below with the category names of the rules?

      If the tree does not appear, can you please reproduce the issue and send us the bug report directly from TWS right after this? This option is available for you in the Main Menu -> Help -> Report a Bug

      Thank you!



        Posted 02 Feb 2018

        Hi Corey,

        Thank you for contacting us with this question.

        As Sergey have described, you can find all the rules during a creation of a new PMD ruleset. If they are absent please send us a bug report with attached log files.

        Also, you can find all the information about PMD in The Welkin Suite in our documentation.

        Please let us know if you would have any additional questions.



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