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Mass view of profile permissions/ object access

Mass view of profile permissions/ object access

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    Posted 29 Nov 2017 and edited 09 Oct 2018

    Hello, I am trying to review the permissions and object access of several (or all) profiles setup in our org, and I searched for this functionality but have not found it. Is this capability not available in Welkin Suite? The way I envision this capability, I would have a column for each profile in the org, and a row for each permission or object to access (i.e. Read, Create, Edit, Delete, View All, Modify All). Without this functionality, it seems I will need to navigate in and out of each profile in Salesforce to review the permissions and object access assigned. Please let me know if there is a better way, or if this functionality can be added to Welkin Suite!

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      Posted 01 Dec 2017

      Hi Clayton,

      Thank you for your request.

      Yes, you're absolutely right, asking for this functionality :) As for now our capabilities in terms of objects' permissions is limited by the FLS settings only, however we plan to enhance our functionality in the access/security direction as it is one of the most annoying areas, from our experience :)

      It also seems that we have very similar vision for the way to implement this functionality, so this is good for us. I don't have exact timeline, but within the next quarter or so we'll try to focus more on the declarative development part, where the most features will be geared towards profiles, reports and some smaller areas.

      Please feel free to share any other ideas, even (or especiall) the craziest ones in the Declarative Development direction - this will really help us a lot finding the best and most interesting features for the next releases!

      Thank you,


      Vladimir Gubanovich
      Head of Product
      The Welkin Suite
      skype id: vladimir.gubanovich


        Posted 09 Oct 2018

        Is there any progress on this suggestion. I would be really amazing to have it. It would make it so much easier to have it.


          Posted 09 Oct 2018

          What would also be cool, would be to select a user, an object and a field, .... and to have the list of items that gives the user the privilege, why he can see it. Mabe even compare to other fields in the same object. 
          Very oten I have the situation, where I Some user can see a Field, but he should not. Then I need to go through all permission sets and profile to determine, what gives him the access. It would make the UAT phase, post deployment tweaking and general maintainance, so much easier.
          Since I am already at it, ... is it possible to lock a folder or a project in the solution, to be readonly?
          yeah, one more thing, ... I m trying to set the spacebar to also execute the code completion, but can't get it to work. You got a suggestion?
          Sorry once again, ... for highjacking this topic for these items. It just started to flow out of me.

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